Vitalize The Public Space

With an ethos of ‘comfort for the body and soul,’ KOTOBUKI was established and took its first steps in the year 1916. Having become familiar throughout Japan as ‘KOTOBUKI the seating company’ we have widely diversified our fields of activity, to encompass features in the creation of every kind of environment, including street, plazas, parks, buildings and private spaces.

The pursuit of comfort for each and every person gradually becomes interlinked with the creation of spaces that are kind to everyone, tying in people, people and spaces, people and cities, and creating a seamlessly interconnected society. Towns where people are drawn together like magnets, towns full of vibrancy give rise to rich intergenerational exchange. It’s a question of protecting the natural environment, and building towns that are healthy and overflowing with comfortable convenience and topicality. It’s all about developing an environment that touches upon people’s daily lives, and is deeply rooted in the local history, culture and color. Perhaps it could be said that the comfortable environment creation we at KOTOBUKI aim at will become the cornerstone of a new society.